A Happy New Year!!!


We wish you the best luck in 2017!

This year is the Year of Rooster in the Chinese calendar.

For those people born in 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, it is your year to shine!


A new year is considered very important in Japanese culture. It is important to refresh everything and get ready to achieve your goals for the year.

Here are some words that you only see in new year season:

"初笑い(First Laugh)"

: We all want to start your year by laughing right?

"初夢(First Dream)"

:You will have a good year if you dream about one of "Mt. Fuji", "Hawk" or "Egg plant"....

"初売り(First Sale)"

:Shops usually have a new year sale to have a good start for the year

We will introduce more new years things in the following posts!!

What is your new year's resolution???

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