Matsuri Festivals In Japan



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Name of Activity:

             Matsuri Festivals in Japan


             Explore and see the Japanese traditions through Japanese festivals with us!


             ・Let’s try on the costume people wear during the festivals. (eg. Hanten, Happi, Yukata)

             ・Let’s catch the mood of the festivals there.

             ・Let’s try to carry an actual Omikoshi (a scared portable shrine).

             ・Let’s play taiko drum.

             ・Let’s try the traditional dance.


             There’re a lot of festivals taken place all over Japan and all the year around. It is said that Omatsuri, meaning festivals in Japanese, originally comes from ***, and it was held not only to invoke generous harvest and people’s health, but to thank the gods as well. However, nowadays, the word “Omatsuri” is considered and used for like a ceremony, an event, or sometimes just for an occasion with many people gathered from different generation. Every different place has own traditions and meanings of it. So, of course, the methods and dates differ from each place… Here, we are going to explore the festivals mostly held in Kanto area, and you are going to take part in the festivals with us, so please enjoy the Japanese culture!

1.    Let’s dress up the actual clothes and join the festivals!

2.    Then, let’s walk around, take pictures, and don’t forget to enjoy the festival!


             At each meeting place in the festival, or the closest train station from the festival.

Time required:

             2 to 4 hours, or one day (depending on your plan, so it’s flexible)

Please note:

             *We know approximate dates of each event; however, we do not know exact date & time of it because every year it changes. Therefore, please make sure to contact us in advance, and decide which event your want to go.

             At some festivals, it can get quite crowded and sometimes it’s dangerous, so please make sure your safety. We do not take any responsibility for your lost articles as well as injuries.

Please bear in your own food and drink bill.

If you use Hanten (a special type of clothes for the festival), we take extra 5,000yen for cleaning and guarantee fee.


             ・You can choose to rent or buy your clothes for the festivals.

             ・The Tabi socks has to be prepared previously. (no rent. You can only buy them.)

             ・For those who wear Hanten will cost extra 5,000 yen for cleaning and guarantee fee.

What you need:

             Clothes that are easy to move in and Camera

Number of participants:

             1 to 20 people (depends on the festivals, may have number limit)


             \3,000 or \1,000 per one hour

料金 3,000JPY